598508_10152318890545584_1274626239_nWelcome to Citizens Reach Out, a 501C3 For Benefit Corporation. We pursue our educational mission by providing the public with recorded accounts of the human cost of war on innocent civilian populations. We record and archive first hand stories of what happened to refugees through video and digital recordings and make them public through the UC Berkeley Library Catalog, at  OskiCat.

Our intent is to create public interaction with the reality of war that otherwise remains invisible and obscured.  CRO generates an awareness that will enable its readers to make considered humanitarian decisions about the pursuit of war as a national policy

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Airing on LINK TV

“The Condition of my Son”

a Film by Cinematographer-Producer  Sophie Harris

With Citizens Reach Out’s Ruth Friend

The Condition of My Son examines the consequences of the 2003 American invasion of Iraq through the tragic story of one Iraqi family who have recently fled their country.  Desperate to find treatment for their autistic son, Taim, and victims of religious and political persecution, they now find themselves refugees in Jordan without a way to earn a living.  They are at their breaking point when an unexpected source of hope arrives.  We meet Taim’s family through an American organization, Citizens Reach Out, that has spent more than ten years interviewing Iraqi refugees in an attempt to bring attention to their continuing and complex plight.  The Condition of My Son shows us the hearts and minds trapped in the geopolitical numbers, the people behind the news and the need that threatens to overwhelm them.

Iraqi Mother and Father of autistic son , Taim, struggle to finance a special school.




Taim, the autistic son of Iraqi Refugee family needs a special school to begin his education.


We have an airdate for the national premiere of “The Condition of My Son”.

The program will be on Link TV’s satellite channels on Thursday November 8 at 6:30pm Pacific  (9:30pm Eastern) and at 9:30pm Pacific (12:30am Eastern).

It will repeat on Friday November 9 at 11:30am Pacific (2:30pm Eastern) and on Saturday November 10 at 3:30am Pacific (6:30am Eastern).

Link TV is an independent non-commercial network devoted to national and global issues, available as a free service in 34 million U.S. homes receiving satellite television on DIRECTV channel 375 and DISH Network channel 9410.

When the Broadcast becomes available on LinkTV it will stream continuously at this link;


There are special schools for autistic children in Jordan. The expense of these schools is beyond this refugee family’s ability to pay.

To Donate to Taim’s Fund go to Button on right. Note Taim Fund.

or contact: Ruth Friend at ruthefriend@gmail.com



The “What Happened?” Project

This oral history archive is focused on what happened to Iraqi refugees as a consequence of the 2003 U.S, invasion in Iraq.  Videos and digital recordings are available on our website and the Berkeley Library Catalog.

We are collecting the stories of displaced Iraqi refugees through interviews.  Our CRO workers visit Iraqis in their homes and interview them about their experiences before and after the 2003 invasion of Iraq up to the present. From these interviews, we produce podcasts, films, and transcribed testimonials to be made available for broadcast on our website. Transcribed versions will be made available to high schools and collegiate social studies programs and ultimately, these resources will comprise an Oral History Archive to be stored in an institution for future reference and historical documentation.

These stories, which would otherwise remain obscured and untold, provide access to the deep human experience of Iraqis driven from their homes and country.

Please take a moment to listen to some of the stories we have collected from our interviews.

We welcome any Iraqis who would like to tell their stories to contact us at info@citizensreachout.org.

Speakers Events

CRO also organizes public speaking events, debates and discussions to address the subject of war and its consequences.  Please watch for our scheduled events or sign up for our mailing list to receive notices.

If you or someone you know would like to participate in one of our events, or if you would like to suggest a possible future event, please email us at info@citizensreachout.org.

For more information on our goals and our work, please see our Mission Statement and an introductory message from founding board member Ruth Friend.