Update from CRO!

CRO’s year started with an amazing benefit evening for wounded Iraqi Ahmed Al Kubaisi a young man shot by a “stray” American bullet in Fallujah and made paraplegic.
Ruth Friend, CRO President  welcomed everyone and introduced Ahmed, a charismatic and courageous victim of the Iraq war.
David Harris gave a moving speech about CRO’s work and Ahmed’s personal story.

The evening culminated with the James Moseley Band rocking everyone out onto the dance floor including Ahmed. Watch Ahmed dancing with his supporters.  Wow, everyone was blown away.

The community gave generously to help Ahmed purchase a new wheelchair and raised $3,500. that evening towards its purchase.

Life Saving Gift for Ahmed
A courageous Napa California mother gave forward to Ahmed after seeing the Jan. 13th Marin IJ  article by Paul Liberatore about Ahmed and Citizens Reach Out. Jan Rodriguez who lost her son in July of last year gave Ahmed an Airbed which is necessary for paraplegics to avoid life threatening bed sores.

Jan’s son Jesse died as a result of a tragic motorcycle accident and a two year struggle his mother personally nursed him through. She had been wondering what she would do with all his equipment, and says ” When I saw Ahmed’s picture in the paper, with all his wild hair and joyful face I knew he was the one her son would have wanted his bed to go to.”

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