Advisory Committee

1. Dr. Daniel H. Lowenstein, Professor and Vice Chairman , Department of Neurology, University of California San Francisco.  Dr. Lowenstein founded the Iraq Action Group which provided medical care and advice to injured civilians during the Iraq war.  He advises CRO on medical issues as they pertain to Iraqi refugees and Iraqis still in Iraq.

2. Alalusi Foundation.  The Alalusi Foundation is a non profit corporation which supports humanitarian and charitable projects in the United States and around the world.  They advise CRO on issues of Iraqi refugees and help to find Iraqis to participate in its Oral History Archive.  They formed the Iraqi Orphans Project to aide children orphaned in Iraq.

3. Peter Coyote, is an actor, writer and humanitarian.  He advises CRO on issues of media, film, and theater production.

4. Catherine Ryan, is Co Founder  of Luna Productions a film company in Northern California.  Their moving film Soldiers of Conscience revealed the deepest moral concerns about killing in war. Catherine advises CRO on its film ideas and projects.

5. Marty Krasney, is Executive Director of the Dalai Lama Fellows. Marty has 40 years of experience with non profits as well as large corporations and advises CRO on its non profit issues.



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